Vacutherapy Cupping

Cupping has been around for many years to help people with sickness and injury. MediCupping™ is a non-invasive pleasant form of vacutherapy that is equivalent to a deep tissue massage. This is a machine assisted modality that helps create suction through cups and has amazing results. This can positively affect the physiology and structure of the body. Instead of compressing the tissues like massage, the cups will lift and separate the tissues. This lifts the fascia allowing increased blood flow which helps eliminate old build up in tissues. This wonderful decompression technique helps dehydrated tissues to become nourished and revived. More oxygen and blood flow better serves the nerves, muscle and tissues function, which allows the body to help release any compensatory patterns and restrictions. The body should have less pain, more range of motion and an overall feeling of rejuvenation.

MediCupping™ is not like cupping with Traditional Chinese Medicine. In TCM, the cup is set in one place producing amazing results and petechia. MediCupping™ allows the cups to pull the fascia while gliding across the muscles and tissues. The cups remain in motion while pulling the tissues with various techniques. This is a gentle process that usually does not cause bruising. The goal is to lift and disperse any debris revitalizing the tissues, opening the fascia and lymphatic pathways. Some people may experience redness, but this goes away within a day or two depending on the tissue's health.

After Treatment:

1)After treatment it is recommended to relax and not expose yourself to extensive heat (spas, saunas) or cold.

2)Make sure to hydrate. Though this treatment is gentle, it is very detoxifying. Drink lots of water.

3)Avoid heavy exercise the same day of treatment. deserunt,recusandae.

Cold Laser

Cold Laser therapy is a safe, non-addictive, and a non-intrusive option to surgery or other pain management programs. Cold lasers are FDA cleared and widely used for treatment of many ailments. Sometimes called Low Level Lasers (LLL) or soft lasers, these lasers are not like a hot surgical laser. They promote healing. When we deliver light energy (Red or Infra-Red) to a specific area of your body, the cells will absorb the light and convert it to an energy it can use. Research shows it helps stimulate the little guys in our cells that make energy. The more these little powerhouses create energy the more efficient the body will be at healing. What does that mean to you? In most cases, this means it will decrease inflammation, decrease pain and speed up your healing period.

"Dr. Elze added cold laser treatment to my wrist and thumb base due to intense pain and tingling from advancing arthritis. A fifteen-minute treatment actually gives me relief for up to four days. It is painless, warm and soothing. It is easily adapted to larger areas like low back and hips which we have tried with success. If you have pain, she will find a way to fix it." ~D.Hayes

Functional Exercise Therapy


It's no surprise movement is a key component to healthy living.  Exercise can positively affect every system in our body and strengthens brain function. Many clients have benefited from these highly effective personalized sessions based on the findings of the brain lobe assessment, movement assessment and neurological exam.     Sometimes certain parts of the brain need more activation to provide better movement and overall function.   These sessions focus on the pathways involved with movement, balance, and core activation.  You will build strength in the deeper core stabilizing muscles while sparing the spine. This decreases chances of falls and pain in the future.   Not only can this be an excellent core or cardio strengthening session, but you will also learn how to properly exercise and assess your own self with what needs focus. You gain more awareness about how your body moves and what you need to do to have your muscles move harmony.  An added bonus about these exercises is they can also help with better cognitive function, sleep, and anxiety.

"I've been a client of Jamie since she took over the practice. (Actually as a student also) She's always been very thorough with her exams and treatments. Deciding to add workouts to strengthen my core and balance to my treatment regimen was the best decision I could ever have made.  Jamie knows my musculoskeletal weaknesses and designs my workouts to improve my overall body strength. She can see when I am not balanced and adjust my position to not only optimize the exercise but prevent injuries. She is very patient and flexible and adjusts my exercises based on how I am feeling that day. I am so happy she is part of my wellness life." ~ M. O'brian