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Physical & Spinal Exam

  • Postural Analysis
  • Physical & Spinal Exam
  • Neurological Exam
  • ​Orthopedic Testing

Movement Assessment

  • ​Identify Irregular movement patterns that may likely be the root of the pain
  • Learn How to Correct Movement  Patterns that have 
  • Prevents future pain

Chiropractic Adjustment!

A gentle quick effective treatment that:

  • ​Sends sensory information to the brain so you have more awareness of your body and the environment around you
  • Allows for better muscle movement to keep your joints from causing pain
  • ​More joint range of motion
  • ​More blood flow to relax muscles

Catered Plan

A report all about you and what proper core exercises will help you avoid future issues and keep the body moving in harmony.

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    FREE 15 Minute Medi-cupping Session when you purchase an initial cupping session session! 

($35 value)

Detoxifying cupping therapy that helps lift the muscles allowing more blood flow into the tissues. Helps nourish the skin and increase mobility. Unlike traditional chinese Medicine, MediCupping™ allows the cups to pull the fascia while gliding across the muscles and tissues.

01. Nourish the tissues and skin

02. Increased Oxygen In muscles

03.Release Adhesions that cause muscles to tighten

Dr. Elze is different than most Chiropractors. She has a long history of doing various bodywork modalities before attaining her Doctoral in Chiropractic. She is awesome at whole body health and is successful where other clinicians fail. 

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To help alleviate stress even more, Dr. Elze will take $30 off your first Chirossage.

This is a 50 minute massage and chiropractic therapy session. Exclusive to her established Chiropractic patients only. 

All for $175!!!!

($290 value)

  •  Physical & Spinal Exam
  • ​Neurological exam
  • ​Movement Assessment
  • ​1st Chiropractic Treatment
  • ​Catered Plan of Action
  • ​extra 15 Min. Medi-cupping Treatment
  • ​$30 Off Exclusive Chirossage Session by Dr. Elze


I have been seeing Dr. Jamie at Lakeside Chiropractic for some time now. I was to the point that I thought I might have to give up golf, a game I absolutely love, because I couldn't stand the pain. With her guidance through adjustments, exercise, cupping, I literally am pain free!  I seriously don't think I would be playing and enjoying life to the fullest without her help! 
~Dawn C.- San Mateo

It took two years of misdiagnoses, before I finally found Dr. Jamie Elze. I remember despondently writing on the intake form, I just want to be able to sit through a movie without pain. Three months later I was not only pain-free but learning ways to keep myself moving with a personalized plan for body mechanics. I started going three times a week and then down to once a month or less and keep getting better. I am back to skiing and biking, and yes, I can also sit down! My entire family sees her now, as well as several of my friends. Dr. Elze is not just a Chiropractor, but a healer.
~ Ryan. S - San Francisco

I have been a client of Dr. Jamie since she took over the practice. (Actually, as a student also). She's always been very thorough with her exams and treatments. Deciding to add workouts to strengthen my core and balance to my treatment regimen was the best decision I could ever have made. Jamie knows my musculoskeletal weaknesses and designs my workouts to improve my overall body strength. She can see when I am not balanced and adjusts my position to not only optimize the exercise, but to prevent injuries. She is very patient and flexible and adjusts my exercises based on how I am feeling that day. I am so happy that she is part of my wellness life.
~ Maria. O. ~San Francisco.