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"The power of knowledge is key to higher wellness in you."

Dr. Elze has spent 15 years working with various ailments and body therapies which compliments her natural intuitive approach to body healing.    She works with her patient too understand their health issues and takes pride in listening and trying to understand what they really need.  Because some of her work requires her to spend more time with a patient, she is able to witness the positive changes firsthand, gaining more wisdom and improved insight to healing and success. She balances a direct approach with warmth, friendliness and education. Her perfect combination of healing arts and evidence-informed science makes it easy to guide people to reach their health goals.  She is awesome at whole body wellness and is often successful where other clinicians fail. With her guidance, education and experience you will soon find you surpass the goals you set for yourself.

My Story

I spent many years working in the medical field.  I myself struggled with many health issues, visited many doctors and often ended up at dead ends with no definite diagnosis and medications that "might help". Often times I felt alone and misunderstood.  It wasn't till I took a journey into a new world of health would I find what I was looking for. Often times I felt alone and misunderstood.  It wasn't till I was introduced to "alternative health care". It was a whole new way of looking at the body and health and it was truly exciting! I was amazed and hopeful. From there my journey to helping myself and others heal began.

My Career

After 10 years of working as a massage therapist I had heard thousands of stories about everyone's health journey. I heard their struggles, complaints, and often witnessed their sadness with their health.  I wanted to help more, but I was limited by my scope of practice. I decided to go back to school and attained my graduate degree.  I received a Doctoral in Chiropractic, which allowed me to serve people on a higher level of health.

As I continued hearing more stories, I noticed a couple common themes. My patients did not understand their diagnosis.  Very rarely were they ever educated on the "WHY" they got there and what they could do to improve it. I also noticed many people were struggling with health issues and were sent home being told there was nothing wrong when clearly there was.  It is often these patients who come to me for help putting the pieces together.

My passion to learn and help people with their health continues. A large portion of my post graduate education focuses on Functional Medicine and Neurology of the brain. I am currently finishing up a Clinical Mastership Program to attain an Advanced Functional Medicine Certification.  This education is enhancing my ability to serve my patients at a higher level. The work is patient centered, evidence informed, and we work as a team to achieve goals.  My work focuses on strengthening positive pathways in the brain and body so that people can feel balanced, healthier and  enjoy life as they age. I use education and various body therapies to help people succeed. 

What I Believe

  • ​​Everyone should have a catered approach to their health because our immune systems are all unique.
  • ​There is a place for all medicine, but the medical model is highly flawed. The focus is too much on treating symptoms and not focusing on the cause.
  • ​​A diagnosis does not have to be forever in many cases. You can change things for the better.
  • ​If we understand the importance of what's happening in our body, we can make many positive changes naturally, which will have a domino effect on other avenues of health. 
  • ​Change can happen even when it seems dark or maybe darkness is all you are familiar with. Sometimes a little guidance is all it takes.
  • ​The medical system is very busy and often ruled by insurance companies. Sometimes health information can slip through the cracks. It's important for you to advocate for your health.
  • ​If you want to embrace life with a healthier lifestyle, enhance longevity, and self-empowerment, I can help you

how to lower neuroinflammation, so you can focus and function better.

Neuroinflammation affects millions of people and can be frustrating. Many people are told "there is nothing wrong", but constantly feel like something is off.  But there is a way to tap into the brain and start creating new pathways that can help with these symptoms.

  • Headaches
  • ​Brain Fog
  • ​Migraines
  • ​Vertigo
  • ​Difficulty concentrating
  • ​Anxiety
  • ​Depression
  • ​Muscle Tension
  • ​Tremors
  • ​Long Covid

Lifestyle changes can make a huge difference to brain health

Specific brain based exercises can have a wonderful influence to better brain function

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70% of the immune system is the gut. Is your defense system prepared to protect you? 

Discover How to Repair leaky gut.  Learn secrets to building a healthy microbiome without constantly buying probiotics. 

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